Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Looking for the right gift or maybe a thoughtful way to tell the special person in your life,”I Love You?”

Planning the perfect gift can be break the bank but it doesn’t have to. Here are 5 ways you can save money but will melt your significant other’s heart:

1.At Home Movie: Turn your living room into a movie theatre, be as creative as possible. Watch the first movie you seen together or their favorite movie. Popcorn and chocolates are a great combo.

2. Write A Love Story: Whether if it’s a poem or short story about your love, pour out your heart. Make characters that reflect both of you and places that you wish to travel to together.

3. Backyard Photoshoot: First, pick and choose each other favorite outfits from the closet. Next. choose props from your local Dollar Tree, like hearts or balloons. Finallly, plan a perfect spot to take pictures and have fun! Hint: Use editing apps to make your pictures pop!

4. Sweet Memories Box: Simple idea, decorate the box and add your favorite pictures of each other for an extra touch. Prints of pictures cost less than $2.00. Add favorite snacks or candy that they like. Write down your favorite memories of each other like a first date or your first kiss.

5. Sip and Paint At Home: With a few items to buy like paint, brushes, easels, and most importantly don’t forget your favorite drink. Look up a few designs on Google to paint as an example. Turn on soft music to set the mood and you’re ready for a new fun experience.

What are your special plans for Valentine’s Day? Are you on a budget or ballin’ out for your special someone?

Do you have any date ideas on a budget?

Sincerely, Searcy

Published by sincerelysearcy

Hello Readers, My name is Jasmine Searcy, and I have my BA Degree in Communications Media. Writing has always been a passion of mine since I can remember. My plans for this blog is to educate, inform, and entertain your intellectual minds. I would also like to make this blog into a safe haven where no topic is taboo. If  you have any questions or want to suggest a topic, feel free to contact me through the website. Let’s embark this journey together.                                       Sincerely, Searcy

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